When it comes to application translation services, no one can beat Inlingua, Utah. They can translate every type of application. Moreover, they have been in business for the last 25 years.
SEO Rune was given the reasonability of improving the organic traffic and ROI.

Challenges for SEO Rune

  • The website had zero organic traffic because it was quite new.
  • The content contained irrelevant keywords, and no keyword research was done.
  • The website was missing a blog section.

Solutions by SEO Rune

  • Our keyword researcher found niche-related keywords and filtered out the profitable ones. Moreover, the keyword research for local SEO was also performed.
  • Based on our keyword research, we crafted blog posts that were posted in the blog section.
  • We improved call-to-action buttons.
  • We removed the irrelevant keywords and added niche-related keywords.


The keywords started in rank in the first month. The company observed a boost in conversion. Currently, the website enjoys great domain authority and has already outranked the competitors.

The website started ranking for 233 keywords. Here is the screenshot
The backlink profile of the website also has been continuously increasing since we started working on the project. Here is the screenshot:

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