A midwife team of Monica Wood and Jennifer Brandon Ruiz provides comprehensive prenatal care and water births in Los Angeles. With two midwives assisting in delivery, LA Midwife Collective supports every step of your journey.

Their website did not have any traffic. Moreover, they challenged us to show results n the first month. SEO Rune accepted the challenge gladly.

Challenges for SEO Rune

  • The website had zero visibility in search engine results.
  • The keywords were difficult to rank.
  • Less time duration for ranking
  • The website lacked proper content pages

Solutions by SEO Rune

  • Our keyword researcher did a decent job to find the niche-related keywords.
  • SEO Rune’s content writers wrote extensive content based on keywords.
  • We also collected the keywords for local SEO.
  • We fixed the internal links and improved the site navigation.
  • SEO Rune’s outreach specialists were able to get 5-7 high authority backlinks/week.


We were able to rank five keywords in the first month, followed by 60 in the second month. Currently, the website reives decent traffic, and the domain authority has increased a lot.
The keywords has been consistently increasing since then. Here is the screenshot:
The backlink profile of the website also has been continuously increasing since we started working on the project. Here is the screenshot:

Keyword Rankings and Search Volume

Keyword : midwife los angeles
Monthly Search Volume :140

Keyword : home birth los angeles
Monthly Search Volume :30

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