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It is easy to lose weight with a personalized weight loss program from MCH. It offers effective and reliable hypnotherapy coaching.

Challenges for SEO Rune

  • New website
  • The keywords had a high difficulty level
  • On-page SEO was not done.
  • The website needed better technical SEO.

Solutions by SEO Rune

  • We did a thorough web audit and fixed technical issues like website speed, load times, and image optimizations.
  • We created an SEO-friendly Sitemap and submitted it to search engines.
  • We created a Robots.txt file to fix the crawl issues.
  • Our content writers wrote well=researched articles for the given keywords.
  • Our web developers optimized the landing pages for a better conversion rate.
  • As a part of on-page SEO, we added meta tags by focusing on keywords.
  • We submitted the website to local business listing websites to increase brand visibility.
  • We built five high-quality links weekly.


The project started in 2015, and we were able to rank for more than 100 keywords in the first three months. Currently, the website gets decent monthly traffic and has already gained good authority.

The backlink graph is rising continuously since we have started working on the project. This shows that we are continuously taking care of the offsite link building. Here is the screenshot:

Keyword Rankings and Search Volume

Keyword : stop smoking hypnosis
Monthly Search Volume :590

Keyword : quit smoking hypnosis
Monthly Search Volume :1.6k

Keyword : smoking hypnosis
Monthly Search Volume :140

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