Located in the Greater Sacramento area, Sacramento4Kids offers excellent guides for families and kids. Parents can explore the website and find a lot of healthy activities for their kids.

Sacramento4Kids contacted SEO Rune because they wanted to get more traffic and exposure in California.

Challenges for SEO Rune

  • The website had pages with thin content.
  • Since it was a new website, there wasn’t any organic traffic.
  • They had a decent blog section. However, it wasn’t getting any attention.

Solutions by SEO Rune

  • Our content writers write in-depth content based on the keywords to cover the thin content pages.
  • We added the website to the local business listing websites.
  • Conversion rates were boosted by beautiful call-to-action buttons.
  • The SEO Rune team fixed the technical issues like website speed and load times.
  • We added meta tags and alt tags relevant to keywords.
  • We added the breadcrumbs schema to help the users understand the topic quickly and navigate to the required page.


The website started to rank within two months. Several keywords ranked on page one. The website began to receive 5000+ visitors per month. Currently, it ranks for more than 4000 keywords.

Other than the targeted keywords, the website started ranking for nearly 2.3K+ keywords. Simultaneously, the traffic too kept on increasing steadily. Here is the screenshot:

The backlink profile of the website also has been continuously increasing since we started working on the project. Here is the screenshot:

If you want similar results for your website, we are available for your help.

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