The Clayground Studio &

The Clayground Studio & Gallery in Old Ellicott City of Maryland is the perfect place for courses in pottery, wheel throwing, and fused glass.

The studio contacted the SEO Rune to find new leads through search engines.

Challenges for SEO Rune

  • The website was new, and the client wanted to see the results in 2 months.
  • The niche is very competitive.
  • The website had a slow loading speed.
  • Mobile responsiveness was missing.
  • Spammy links aware already affecting the website.

Solutions by SEO Rune

  • We created dedicated pages with rich content focusing on specific keywords.
  • The landing pages were optimized to increase the conversions.
  • Internal linking was done to enhance the crawl rate.
  • Alt tags with relevant keywords were added to the images.
  • We rewrote the meta descriptions focusing on the keywords.
  • Our guest posting ninjas were able to get 3-4 high-quality links weekly.
  • We were able to get high-quality backlinks through press releases, infographics, ad videos.


Within two months, we were able to rank on the first page occupying the 3 top positions.

In the 3rd month, more than 1000 keywords got ranked.

The website now gets more than 4000 organic visitors monthly.

As you can see below, many keywords are now ranking in the first 3 pages with almost 5 keywords on the No. 1 spot.

The keywords has been consistently increasing since then. Here is the screenshot:
The backlink profile of the website also has been continuously increasing since we started working on the project. Here is the screenshot:

Keyword Rankings and Search Volume

Keyword : Pottery Classes Near Me
Monthly Search Volume :22.2k
Current Ranking in Google :2

Keyword : Make your own pottery
Monthly Search Volume :1.6k
Current Ranking in Google :1

Keyword : Pottery Studio
Monthly Search Volume :6.6k
Current Ranking in Google :1

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